7 Children’s Toys That Are Breaking Down Barriers

February 06, 2017All, Blog

You may have heard of the online campaign #ToyLikeMe which is working on increasing diversity in the toy box. Many parents of children with disabilities have been pleading with toy manufacturers to create toys that reflect their child’s disability. This caused the #ToyLikeMe campaign to begin and over the past few years its support has grown, with the Toy Like Me Facebook page currently having over 40,000 likes. Here are our 7 favorite toys that bring diversity to the toy box.

1. This beautiful doll was made by the British toy manufacturer Makies. Makies heard about the #ToyLikeMe campaign and started making dolls that have walking aids, hearing aids and birthmarks. 


2. A couple years back Lego released it’s first character in a wheelchair. Check out how cool this dude is. 


3. The owners of this cute doll made her a personalized mobility cane.


4. This Stormtrooper has a ‘Flex-Foot’ prosthetic. It makes sure he can run and jump with ease and shoot down any Jedis in his way.


5. This Barbie has her own Insulin Pump to ensure she can track her diabetes.


6. This character from Paw Patrol has been fitted with his very own cochlear implant. 


7. This Hulk toy has 3D-printed hearing aids. Who knew orange and green would look so good?!


Got a favorite toy that wasn’t on our list? Send it to us at info@ai-media.tv

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