9 Video Secrets Only Top Marketers Know

August 12, 2016All

While some businesses continue to pour money into radio and big budget TV ads, the smart money has moved into mobile video with sniper-like targeting within social media platforms.

At the apex of the smart money is a group of top marketers that know where the world is heading and they know these 9 secrets to perfecting their video content.

1. They use video on every platform.

Video is completely dominating content marketing in 2016. Top marketers are using video as their main communications medium for Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter.

2. Almost everything they post on Facebook is video.

Facebook vs YouTube

To increase the organic reach of your Facebook posts, video is the only way to go. Period. This is because strategically Facebook wants to overtake YouTube as the destination for video. So these days, they provide greater reach for video as compared with image or link posts. The top marketers understand that Facebook and YouTube are competitors and right now, they’re enjoying some healthy arbitrage using Facebook video.

3. Every video post on Facebook is native.

Top marketers don’t post links to their YouTube videos on Facebook because they know they get more reach for native Facebook videos because they  autoplay and are presented better. Look at the difference below between a native Facebook video (on the left) compared with YouTube link (on the right).

Youtube vs FB posts

4. They ‘re adding closed captions to every video on Facebook

On Facebook, three-quarters of all video content is seen on a mobile device which means we’re watching everywhere we take our smartphones. Most often this is in public places when we’re watching without sound.


Click for detail

Take a look at these statistics from one of our typical video posts. This one has had over 6 million views with over 5 million of those being without sound.

That’s a whopping 82% of all views being without sound.

According to Facebook:

“Our research found that when feed-based mobile video ads play loudly when people aren’t expecting it, 80% react negatively, both toward the platform and the advertiser. Advertisers should take this into account when creating video ads, making sure their stories don’t require sound to communicate their message.”

Adding closed captions to your video allows your audience to watch silently and discreetly on their morning commute (or from the bathroom stall) without drawing any attention to themselves.

According to Facebook, adding captions leads people to spend an average of 12% more time watching your videos. In a world where time is our most precious commodity, that’s more time being spent watching your content.


Download your own copy to start making professional captions for your videos NOW.

5. They make sure people can understand what’s happening in the video in the first 5 seconds.

Good marketers ensure their videos make an impact quickly. They make sure they deliver their important messages early in the video because few people (about 10%) watch a video all the way through.

Even YouTube admits “play rates drop off after 45 seconds”.

Within Facebook, since videos automatically play in the News Feed without sound, the smart marketers are adding captions to make sure their message is not lost in the silence.

6. They understand the relationship between captions and SEO

When top marketers add captions to their online and YouTube videos, they understand that this data gets included in Google’s indexing making that content more visible in search results.

They also understand that providing captions not only positions their business as an inclusive one, it also ensures their video content accesses a larger audience. This includes the one-in-six people with some form of hearing loss and those for whom English is not a first language.

7. They re-purpose their videos and adapt content for each platform.

Great marketers don’t make their audience go to them. They meet them where they are and adapt their content for each platform. They take their 15 minute YouTube video and cut it into 5 minutes for Facebook and maybe a 15 or now a 60 seconds grab for Instagram. Then they embed one of these into their blog. They may even turn this one piece of content into short video ads for Facebook thereby extending the life and return on the investment they made creating that video in the first place.

8. They produce their own content.

As Mark Zuckerberg once said “Done is better than perfect”.

The best marketers understand the importance of publishing content and lots of it. They don’t create one perfect video over a number of months. They make lots of movies and publish regularly.

Grab an iPhone and start filming now. Cut it together using Windows Movie Maker or iMovie.

9. They don’t “sell”.

This may seem obvious in today’s world, but there are a lot of marketers that can’t resist the urge to turn videos into sales pitches. With most people consuming information on social networks, sales is out. Information is in. Think about providing value first and leave your sales pitch on the cutting room floor.


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