Cheyenna Clearbook – Changing The Sign For The Deaf

February 27, 2017All, Vlog

You know that there are certain hearing people that have oppressed Deaf people for many years, right? It has happened for a very long time. And it made us feel like we can’t do anything at all. We feel unable to do anything, because of that oppression. Like, why would people do that? Well, it’s partly because we don’t do anything about it. We let those people continue it, when, no, we shouldn’t let them continue. We need to show people that we are not dumb. And we do not see ourselves as disabled.

We are just like anyone else. So how can we do that? Well, we can change the sign for the term “deaf”. For example, this sign: You might wonder what that sign means. That’s a British sign. It means 3D. It represents all of the sign languages, such as ASL etc., and how they are 3D. Did you know that? All of the signs are formed in a spatial box where visual ideas are represented. Different signs represent 3D ideas. For example, “I’m walking through the forest and found it right there.” If you compare this to spoken language, there is nothing visual in those sentences.

Spoken language has a linear structure. This means the words are in a single line. For example: I’m going to the store. That is linear and has no visual elements in it. That sentence doesn’t show you how to imagine it. You just hear the words. If you compare that to Deaf people, we are able to imagine and show our ideas visually.This visual communication is efficient to understand. It is cool… Another possible sign for “deaf” is this: What is that? Well, it means “the world”. All around world there are sign languages and it includes the hands too. So I was wondering what your opinion is about these new signs for the word “deaf” and the idea of changing the signs for “deaf”. It is time to stop using the sign “deaf” like we currently do, because it is negative and represents “I can’t hear and I can’t talk”. It makes deaf people feel that “deaf” is negative. So those new signs represent the positive thing about deafness. It’s about Deaf culture and our sign language, right?

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