Cobi Sewell – You Don’t Need To Apologize For How You Sign

March 14, 2017All, Vlog

Hello! This is Cobi Sewell. Here I am again. Lately, I’ve observed people from the north, south, east and west, the old timers and new timers. They all sign differently. Their ASL is all different. Sure, there are many ASL books out there, but there is no one rule book. Over time, ASL has evolved. You can see the difference. And to me, that is really beautiful.

I wanna give you a quick example. That one night, I drove my car up on the mountain. It was raining very hard, the road was flooded, but I had a good engine so I didn’t slow down. I drove faster and faster, until I came across this deer on the road. I hit the brakes, but my car still didn’t stop, I pulled the emergency brake and flipped my car around. OK, so you see the difference. One same story, but two different styles. One was more gestural, the other had more grammatical structure. But both are still ASL.

I’ve met so many people who apologize for how they sign. No, no, no, I would tell them. It’s alright! That is your style, that is your accent. ASL does have accents. Everyone signs differently. I enjoy it. I think it’s awesome. How you sign is okay as long as we’re able to understand you. That is the most important part. I also think it’s important to have that channel, the ability to channel and adjust to all levels. It really is not necessary to pull anyone down. That… That is just silly. Yeah… Admire their accents in sign language. Because… It really is beautiful. Much love!

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