Montigo – When Hearing People Look At You Differently

February 20, 2017All, Vlog

Hey. My name is Montigo. I’m still learning ASL. This video is about me being deaf. It can be rough for me. I sometimes come across hearing people, who ask if I’m deaf. I say, “Yes, I am.” They say, “But you talk.” I say, “Yes, a little. I choose to speak, just a bit. It works better for me. They ask me why I don’t speak more. It’s crazy weird. Out in open areas that are loud… It’s all boom, boom… It’s hard to hear. I can’t understand them. I have to… Resort to reading lips and looking at facial expressions, and nodding my head in agreement… “Okay. Okay.”

It’s difficult looking at people talking. I can’t hear them speaking. I have to ask them to repeat themselves again and again. “One minute. Nope. Nope. One minute. Don’t speak. No, please.” (Pretends to scream) I don’t know why. But I just like coming across people who understand me. It’s just better. It’s good. It makes speaking and communication possible. I might make another video later on. I’m still learning ASL. I’m deaf. And it can be rough. But I feel… Better. I feel good. Thanks for watching my video. And see you later. Peace. Love you.

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