Audio Description (AD) is a term that describe the auditory narration of the visual elements in a video or film during the pauses in the audio track. It enables those who are blind or have low vision to access content that is not otherwise accessible. A voice-over describes key visual elements such as gestures, actions and other visual information through narration. This includes speaker names, titles and other text that may appear on screen. Audio Description is done by a Voice Artist or a Synthetic Voice.

Standard Audio Description

Standard AD involves adding the spoken description of visual elements in the natural pauses of the video, such as between sections of dialogue and during the beginning of a scene, so as to keep the video length the same as the original video.

Standard AD Voice Artist

Standard AD Synthetic Voice

Extended Audio Description

Some videos may not have enough natural pauses and will require extended AD. This involves the editing of video to freeze or pause at points throughout the video to add the spoken description. Extended AD will increase the length of the video.

Extended AD Voice Artist

Extended AD Synthetic Voice

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