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Our live captioning solution delivers real-time, speech-to-text to any web-enabled device. Traditionally used by people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, live captions are becoming more widespread, boosting literacy for all students. You can now choose to receive our simplified text captions developed to assist people with autism or have learning difficulties and provide assistance for people who speak English as an Additional Language.


We provide quality live and offline (pre-recorded video) captions for our clients in the broadcast, education, corporate and government sectors.

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We will convert your media into text accurately and quickly. We can deliver these as a verbatim transcript (capturing every word) or using live captioners to deliver an Ai-Live transcript which is often faster and cheaper with a 98% accuracy.

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Audio Description

We record spoken word descriptions of the visual elements of your video content onto the video itself to provide those who are blind or have low vision with an equivalent of what is being presented visually.

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Visible Classroom Dashboard

Visible Classroom

A partnership between Ai-Media and the University of Melbourne using live captioning to increase engagement with students and support teachers to reflect critically on their practice, using Visible Learning principles evolved by Professor John Hattie.